Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mystery We Write Blog Tour Winners

 Today is the final day in the Mystery We Write Blog tour.  It has been a pleasure working with some of the most gifted and professional mystery writers.  Thank you! I will miss our conversations about our craft. While we all write mysteries, we have very different ideas, characters and settings.  That has made it so much fun to talk writing with such knowledgeable folks.

I have learned many things and read examples of great writing that has me begging to stick my nose between the pages of their books.  Christmas is coming and I plan on satisfying that wish. (Please tell Santa!)

Now to the event that you are all waiting for… The winners of the Mitch Malone Mystery Series books. Winners can choose what book they want and whether they want paper or in an electronic format. And the winners are:  Mitch, would you hand me the sealed envelope.  (Dramatic pause to open the seal…)

Kevin Tipple
If one of these names are you, please email me at wsgager@yahoo.com and let me know how you would like your book (paper or e-book) and what book you would like. To help you choose, here are the Mitch Malone Mysteries:

Book 1: A Case of Infatuation
Book 2: A Case of Accidental Intersection
Book 3: A Case of Hometown Blues
Book 4: A Case of Volatile Deeds (not out until February)
Again, thank you to every one of the fourteen authors. You are the best and very gifted. I am thankful to call you friends and have enjoyed getting to know you and your characters.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:

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