Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jean Lauzier's Thomas Atwood

I’ve turned over a new leaf and have become fonder of attorneys. One was helpful when I was accused of murder in A CASE OF HOMETOWN BLUES. He knew how to handle the local police who wanted me put away for life without parole. But we are not here to talk about my big newspaper stories. We are on Day 11 of the Murder We Write Blog Tour. Today my victim is Thomas Atwood. We will see how good of an attorney he is in Jean Lauzier’s DARK DESCENT.  Mr. Atwood, thank you for joining me today. Tell me how you ended up in Drylake, Texas?

That would be Jack Heatherly’s fault. He’s the marshal in DryLake. We met on a hunting lease one year and ended becoming good friends. When I started looking for a place to settle down and start my own practice, he insisted I check out his town. I wanted to get out of the big city and the people in DryLake made me feel right at home.
Now a source has said you have quite the pedigree. You could be making six figures or more if you stayed in Dallas. Why didn’t you go into the family business?

Oh, I went in the family business. My father, grandfather and all the way back to my great, great, great, grandfather have all been attorneys. At one time or another, each of them had their own practice and now I have mine. Dad wanted me to join his practice in Dallas but he deals mostly with corporate law which holds no appeal for me.

How do you feel about reporters? Would you give them the inside scoop on a case you were defending? Say about a bunch of bodies found in a well? What happened?
Reporters are just like attorneys, there’s good ones and bad ones. And just like reporters protect their sources, we have attorney/client privilege which prevents me from giving out inside scoops. However, I can tell you, there were nine skeletons found. Young girls, all missing from different towns but ending up in the same place. To find out just what happened, you’ll have to read Dark Descent. I understand it will be released soon.

Tell me the truth. My sources tell me you have a bit of a sweet tooth for a certain police officer. Can you tell me what the future holds for you and one Cande Hernandez?

Sorry, but that’s none of your business. And don’t let her hear your sweet tooth comment. She’s a bit sensitive about that.

No violence needed. I meant no offense. A reporter has to ask the touchy questions. Don’t kill the messenger. Thanks, Thomas, err, Mr. Atwood, for agreeing to the interview. If someone wants to hire you or to find out more, they can check out Jean Lauzier’s website at

A note from Jean Lauzier: During the tour, Jean will be giving away at least three copies of Six Pack of Murder and three copies of the soon to be released Dark Descent. Be sure to leave a comment along with your email address to be entered in the drawing.  

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Jean Lauzier has always been a writer though life just recently settled enough so she can spend the time needed at the keyboard with her characters.  Jean writes mystery and fantasy for the most part but enjoys playing with romance and western genres ever so often.  When not writing, Jean spends her time trying to keep her Bonsai alive, learning Spanish and training the cat. Her short story collection, Six Pack of Murder, is available on Amazon.  She is president of the East Texas Writer’s Association.


  1. Great interview! I love learning about these characters.

  2. Thanks so much for having me. This was fun...

  3. As usual, Wendy, this was a fun interview. Loved learning more about Thomas who sounds like a great character, Jean.

  4. Great interview. Looking forward to getting to know Thomas more in Dark Descent.

  5. Thomas Atwood, what a nice name! As always, and enjoyable interview by Mitch, though I must say, he often gets close to being punched? Is it something he says? (smile)

    Nice interview Thomas, Mitch, Wendy, and Jean!


    1. Yes, Madeline, Mitch has never learned subtle and that leads to threats of violence.

  6. I think Mitch is a great interviewer, but he didn't get enough info for me. I'll have to read the book!! Best wishes, Jean.

  7. Anoather great interview, Mitch, and Jean's character, Thomas Atwood.

  8. Your covers are a definite draw & story lines no doubt a big draw. Yes you are on my TBR list. Thank you

  9. Dark Descent sounds like a compelling book. I'll have to watch for it. Once again, great interview!
    Marja McGraw