A Case of Infatuation

Infatuation Synopsis
Crime Beat Reporter Mitch Malone's rules are simple: He never lets the blood and guts he covers bother him. He always works alone. And he hates kids.

Mitch breaks all three rules when he unwittingly agrees to smuggle a potential witness out of a suburban Michigan home while police investigate a mob-style hit that's left two dead bodies. Mitch sends his intern (a real hottie, but nonetheless an interloper) to interview neighbors, hoping to throw her off, but when he finds the pint-sized survivor the killer overlooked, he decides she might be helpful. When the FBI accuses him of the murder, Mitch goes into hiding with the bombshell intern who doesn't talk and the precocious preschooler. Mitch works his contacts to regain his freedom from his roommates only to find they each hold keys to a bizarre story of disappearances, terrorists and the perfect hamburger recipe.

“Great combination of gritty prose and sparkling dialogue along with a most intriguing and unusual plot makes W. S. Gager's debut crime novel a true page-turner. Highly recommended!”
F. M. Meredith, author of No Sanctuary

First place in the Dark Oak Mystery Contest

Second Place - 2010 Public Safety Writers Association Writing Contest – Published, Fiction-Judges Comments:

“A Case of Infatuation was refreshingly fun, yet still suspenseful. I absolutely loved the main character, newspaper reporter Mitch Malone. The writer did such a good job of making him a likable guy, despite his quirks, that I was in his corner, and by the end of the novel, wanted to read more.“

“The plot moves along at a good pace, revealing just enough details and facts to keep you from putting the book down. The writer has a unique writing style, reminiscent of the Hollywood film noir of the 40's and 50's in keeping with the plot and characters, and kept me entertained and reading along until the very end.”

“This is an excellent first novel by W.S. Gager, and I can't wait to see what crazy antics and trouble Mitch gets himself into in the next one.”