Friday, September 23, 2011

Google Alerts Now Filled With Hockey Instead of My Book!

I have Google Alerts for my name and the name of each of my books. What that means is when someone mentions my name or one of my books, I get an email from Google letting me know along with a link to go look at it. I love it and it is a super cool concept. I’ve seen lots of buzz about my books including a great review from the Lansing State Journal! I had no idea my publisher sent an advance reading copy to them. I encourage everyone to have Google Alerts.

As I mentioned, I have one that I created this summer for A CASE OF HOMETOWN BLUES. I didn’t think too much about it until hockey season started this past week. The St. Louis Blues trigger my Google alert nearly every day. I’m trying to decide if I should make the search more specific, but wouldn’t want to miss something if my book title isn’t exactly as it should be.

For now, I’m keeping up on hockey which is a big sport in our house with my daughter being the biggest fan. The bad part is the Blues aren’t “her team.” That would be the Detroit Red Wings. I must admit I don’t keep up on their season much, but I’m more of a red and white girl than blue and gold. For now I will just cheer for more alerts for my favorite team – the Mitch Malone Mystery series. Go Hometown Blues!

What would you like to see more Google alerts for?

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