Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hockey is a Michigan Tradition

It is finally winter in Michigan. The calendar said it was for the last month but for our household, it became winter this past Saturday with the start of the Red Wings hockey season. The snow and single-digit temperatures didn’t hurt either.

The Red Wings and hockey in general are popular.  I’m not sure why whether it is because it is a cold weather sport or if it is because the Red Wing players are so good at it. (Although their first game wasn’t a stellar portrayal of that skill.) Monday’s game was much better and they won in a shootout. 

The Lumberjacks game in Muskegon
While the Red Wings are the most notable hockey team, there are others. The Griffins in Grand Rapids and the Lumberjacks in Muskegon are always great entertainment. We are able to attend those games much more often. These are great family entertainment for all ages. 

We have attended two Lumberjack games and both were high action. I must admit that I’m not a huge hockey fan but the rest of my family borders on fanatical. I go to games and always have a good time.  The Lumberjack games are very close and really reasonable especially with many deals they offer. Check out their website

The Griffins goalie
The Griffin games are fun because they are a farm team of the Red Wings. We went to a game on January 4 and had seats in the corner but only seven rows from the ice. I thought these seats would be hard for me to keep track of the puck, but they ended up being awesome. Every goal was in the net right in front of us. The other bonus was dollar hot dogs and beers for pregame and the first period on Friday nights. See their schedule here.

Griffin’s players are constantly being called up to the Wings and it was great to see players we watched in Grand Rapids scoring key goals for the Red Wings in the first two games. 

Hockey might not have been made in Michigan but it is a family event for our whole family.

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