Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hay Sculptures Decorate Fremont

I wish I could get people to talk about my book as much as Fremont pulls together for the annual Harvest Festival this weekend. The festival features all kinds of events and even a beer tent (a relatively new thing for the community).

While we will not be visiting for the festivities, we did enjoy all the decorations this past weekend when visiting for Homecoming. I can’t count the number of businesses who created a hay sculptures—Fremont’s answer to Art Prize in Grand Rapids.

They dotted the town from end to end and many of them incorporated the business’s theme from the duck at the car wash to the house at the ReMax office. They were so adorable that we kept driving through town to look at them and as the weekend went on more and more appeared.

Fremont is all about enjoying nature whether it is working on the farm or in the apple orchard or swimming in a lake or kayaking down a river. This weekend is about celebrating what it has to offer.

I miss those things, now we leave in a larger city. I miss knowing folks at the grocery store and being able to spend all afternoon in the Koffee Kuppe with good friends! I need to start making local connections and meeting people. Maybe I will build a hay sculpture of a book to tell them a local mystery author has moved in. It works for Fremont!

For more information on the Harvest Festival, check out the Fremont Chamber of Commerce's website at


  1. I just drove through myself and admired all the sculptures too. Fun and fall'ish! I need to get the kids up there to see the fun. I love small towns!

  2. Wendy, I'm late getting by. We have a small town fair but not a harvest festival. The agriculture exhibit is my favorite. I guess that's because we have a farm with horses and critters running around. Lots of hay too.

    Love the pictures. :-)


  3. Tess: Your kids will love them and there are a lot of them. Some were just going up when we were there.

    Robin: Living in farming communities is great and kind of a dying breed. Your kids are very lucky.

  4. That looks like fun. I think I miss a lot, living in NY suburbs. I've never even been to Michigan! My town, Port Washington, has a Pride in Port Day. Maybe next year i'll take pictures and post them so you can see what it's like on this end of the ocuntry.

  5. That would be great Susan but there are times I wished I lived closer to larger cities where I could easily go to conferences and writer's groups. It is an hour at least to a local writer's group.