Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas Great Reads and Great Friends - My Mother

This writer is a poet. I’m not sure I can adequately do justice to all this wonderful woman has given me. It started at my birth. She is my mother. Thanks to her I have never had a “can’t do it attitude.” Growing up she was a shining example of accomplishing great things. When something needed to be done, she rolled up her sleeves and accomplished it. If our church needed new carpet, she set up a fund raiser to raise the money. If someone was broken down on the side of the road, she would stop and take them where ever they wanted to go. If we didn’t have money for gifts, she made them. I remember rooms of Barbie furniture made from dish soap bottles, tissue boxes and fabric scraps. She has written so many Bible studies, Christmas programs, church newsletters, newspaper articles and poems or odes as they are fondly referred to. How could I not write with that example? I couldn’t, however, I don’t do poetry, never could and can’t say I would like to try now. Maybe because my mother does that too well.

My mother just finished her first book with a neighbor. It’s a wonderful coffee table book that also is a great children’s book. It has beautiful photographs of a year in the life of a pair of eagles that lived in a nest near their home. They documented the eaglets from egg to flying off on their own. My mom wrote the verse to go with each picture. It is fantastic!

They have a limited number of books that are self published but are looking for a larger publisher. If you are interested, contact me via comments and I will provide info for getting a book.

Thanks, Mom for never letting me believe that no meant I couldn’t!

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