Saturday, April 10, 2010

Following Dreams Like Julie and Julia

I just finished watching Julie and Julie. (I know the movie has been out for ages but I’m really slow at getting around to watching movies. I would much rather read a good book!) This moving was so cool. Great story, great acting, just great. It didn’t hurt that I love food and it was a great story of a writer who struggles and then makes it big. I’m hoping for that to happen to my Mitch Malone Mystery Series. I could see it as a great TV show similar to Castle.

Julie and Julie gives me hope that it can happen to me. You work so hard getting the books written, then you have to sell them and what they don’t tell you is that after you sell the real work starts and that’s the promoting. I’m struggling with that part and I have a background in marketing. The hardest part is tooting your own horn. I could promote anything even canned dog poop but I have a hard time telling you that A Case of Infatuation is a fantastic read. The next in the series, working title A Case of the Accidental Intersection, also has a great surprise ending. Look for it this summer.

I watched the author do an interview on the “extras.” It was so easy to see myself doing a similar interview. She talked about what it was like. The best of the movie was the end when she accomplished her goal. I’m doing this blog post as a promise to myself that I’m going to blog more, put myself out there. Tell me about your hardest job you have to do is?


  1. Hi Wendy! So glad I came upon your blog! Nice to "see" you! We met at the PSWA conference last year. I'm signed up for this June ~ how about you?
    How has it been since the release of your book? I know that marketing takes a lot of effort. I wish you all the best.
    The hardest part for me right now is knowing when I'm done. I want to keep going over my writing, trying to improve it each time, afraid to let it go out into the world! I once heard a quote from Hemingway, it was along the lines of, "Writing is never done; it's just due." He's right!
    I enjoyed Julie & Julia, I thought it was great, very inspirational.
    Best wishes with your new book coming out this summer.

  2. Thanks Kathleen. I do remember you and look forward to seeing you in June. I know what you mean about the writing. You think it can't be improved and you are going to read it one more time and you end up rewriting a good chunk! The publicity really takes a lot of time, more than I thought but it is good. See you in Vegas!

  3. I just watched that yesterday! It made me super hungry, more than inspired to write, though. :)

  4. I didn't want to mention the hunger part! Did make me realize I don't know anything about de-boning a duck! Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't watch movies much.