Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have an essay in Chicken Soup for the Soul

I’ve been meaning to get this blog up for the last few days and especially by yesterday because it was “the day,” but alas, was not meant to be. I guess only a day late won’t make that big of a difference. (Drum roll here …) I have an essay in the newest Chicken Soup for the Soul book: Thanks Dad.

The book hit the stores Tuesday (hence my deadline) and is obviously geared toward the Father’s Day market. I submitted something for this because a friend had an entry and the publisher had submitted a call that more entries were needed to do the book. I had an idea, wrote it in a couple of hours and sent it in on the day of the deadline. I’m not sure if it was karma or what but my article was accepted. My submission is number 105 out of 107 in the bonus section and titled: “Running the Gauntlet.”

It talks about the torture I went through whenever I brought home a guy to met the family. To understand what was going on, I was the only girl and the men in my family were very protective. I was just a little rebellious.

I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul concept because you can pick up the book and flip it open and by some miracle it is something perfect to give you perspective. I must admit that I had dragged my feet in announcing this until I could get with my Dad and give him a copy. I didn’t want him to read about it anywhere. He was surprised when we finally got together late last week.

Sometimes in the writing and publishing business, things don’t go as planned and you get discouraged. And then you get these little surprises like the acceptance of my submission for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad. I want to say Thanks Dad a little early for Father’s Day. I inherited my stubbornness from you and it has been a good thing!


  1. Congratulations! That's a great picture!

  2. That's great! Your dad must be so pleased. Love the pic, too! (This is Nan R-F, aka Nan P, from FADL writers)

  3. WTG! What a wonderful way to say "I love you, Dad." I bet he is bustin' his buttons with pride.