Sunday, February 7, 2010

2nd Mitch Malone Book sent to Publisher

I’m geeked, I’m elated. I just can’t sit still. After months of working, too many rewrites to even list and a last minute brainstorm (in a snow storm) that pulled all the parts together, the second Mitch Malone Mystery was just sent to my publisher.

I may be biased, but I think it really works. The title is “A Case of the Accidental Intersection.” It’s a mouthful but really hits it. I can’t say too much about why without giving away anything. If you read the first book, “A Case of Infatuation,” you might understand a little bit. I can’t wait for it to be published and see if you agree. Here is a short synopsis:

Mitch Malone hates hospitals, but when a suspicious traffic accident lands a comatose victim in the hospital, he must put that aside to find the truth. The surface looks smooth but the more the crime beat reporter looks the more bodies pop up, including a private detective and his own editor. Can he get to the truth before the surviving victim is murdered in her hospital bed and an elderly witness has a heart attack? Will he get his exclusive printed before he's the next victim?

I will be back to regular postings. I just couldn’t do anything until I had the book done. Now I am free at least for the afternoon then I have a bunch of stuff to finish before I tackle the next book. Let me know what you think of the title!

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  1. Congrats! You've inspired me to get back to my manuscript and get to work.