Friday, December 2, 2011

MWW Day 8 - Jinx Scwartz's Hetta Coffey

It is my pleasure to interview Hetta Coffey, the globe-trotting civil engineer in Jinx Schwartz’s Hetta Coffey Mystery Series in the similar vein as the Mitch Malone Mysteries Series where I’m the star. Hetta I am very interested in you, err the latest adventure in JUST DESERTS. Let’s get started and maybe we will have time for a drink afterward. First, I understand you’re single, right? You don’t find a boyfriend, do you? I’m single too.

Hetta: Well, gosh, Mitch, seein' as we are both single, my sometimes amour is missing in action, and, if your boyfriend doesn't mind, I drink champagne.

Boyfriend? I’m not interested in boys. Where did you get that from? I’m not too keen on the desert. What made you decide to visit the Mexican border? 

Hetta: I go where the money is, and with my boat in dry dock in Mexico I needed the pesos for repairs. I brought my boat, Raymond Johnson, into Mexico two books ago (Just Add Salt) even though many told me I was spectacularly unqualified. Anyhow, I hired this dishy boat captain, Fabio, and we...uh, what was the question?

Are you big on sailing? I understand you just brought a boat in JUST ADD SALT. The Great Lakes are great for sailing but only for a few months a year. I would be happy to show you the ropes, so to speak.

Hetta: Actually, Just Add Water (Book 1 of the series, and winner of the EPPIE 2007 for Best Mystery) is when I bought my boat. I figured if I had a boat I could bag a man, since using my gun hadn't worked so far. Show me the ropes? I'm really not into that kind of thing.

Rumor has it you are a bit outspoken. Does that get you in trouble?

Hetta: Outspoken?  Me? Hey, it's not my fault people are so touchy. I mean, all I do is mention the obvious, and next thing I know people start shooting; you write the obvious and you get a Pulitzer Prize. Where's the fair in that?

When I Googled you, it said you were a civil engineer. What does mean you do and how does that involve sailing or deserts?

Hetta: I have my own consulting firm, which takes me all over the world. And now that I have the boat, I am taking on jobs in Mexico to keep me in tortillas and refried beans.
And while I love being on the water, JUST DESERTS (Hetta Coffey number 4) finds me working on the Mexico/Arizona border, where people are disappearing and all hell is breaking loose, even before I get there.

Hetta, thanks for joining me today on the blog as part of the Mystery We Write Blog Tour. To read more about the Hetta Coffey Mystery Series go here Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in book giveaways on yours truly’s adventures. Hetta, now about that drink…


  1. Jinx: It is a pleasure to have Hetta on the blog today. She sure is feisty and can't wait to read the whole story. Thanks do much for sharing her with us.

  2. Hi, Jinx, how much fun to hear Hetta--she does sound just a bit like you.


  3. Great, sparky piece. Kudos to both of you. Maybe they should meet up in a book.

  4. Mmm, well matched protagonists! I wonder if Mitch and Hetta did go for a drink--champaigne of course?


  5. I love feisty characters and Hetta is certainly that. Great interview with Mitch.

  6. Fine exchange. Sparky and sparkly. Two fine characters interacting, thanks to two fine writers.

  7. Thanks all. I am catching Internet cafes, so appreciate all the great comments, gracias.

  8. Thanks for stopping by everyone. Happy Friday!