Monday, January 17, 2011

Mitch Malone Mondays With Joselyn Vaughn

Mitch Malone here. This is my first attempt at interviewing authors although I have interviewed plenty of people as a crime-beat reporter for the Grand River Journal. Today's guest is romance writer Joselyn Vaughn whose latest book, Courting Sparks, was just released.

So, Joselyn, if I may call you that, did you decide to write romance? Wouldn’t a mystery be a better format?

I decided to write romance when I heard you wanted to sink your teeth into a mystery writer. Wouldn’t a doughnut be better? LOL. Actually I decided to write romance because I didn’t want to visit the darker side of life. I wanted to focus on the things that people celebrate and what makes them happy. What could be happier than finding true love? Mysteries have so many dead bodies.

Tell me about what’s going on? There is an arsonist on the loose, right? This sounds like a great story for me to cover.

Really Mitch, you should have been there. In fact, I kinda hoped you’d show up, so Ellen would leave Noah alone. She’s the police detective and has a thing for Noah. She may have transferred her affection to you. Well , depending on what you look like with your shirt off, that is. Anyway, if you were there, you’d have ferreted out who was behind the fires before Daphne’s kitchen burned down. It all started with a woods fire at a local teen hangout. Noah’s a volunteer fireman and spent most of a Saturday trying to put the fire out. They discover some pictures and beer bottles and think they belonged to the arsonist. The pictures are of Daphne.

This Noah guy sounds like a great source. Where can I find him?

He’s the athletic director at the Carterville Public Schools and they could really use some good sports writing in the local newspaper. Could you arrange that? I hear you do workshops. The pathetic football team gets enough coverage. Let’s hear about the cross country and track teams. They’ve made the state finals for three years in a row. When Noah isn’t at school, he’s working at the fire department or hanging out with Daphne.

Now, Daphne sounds like someone that needs a little backbone. Can’t she just say no to these friends who want her to be a bridesmaid? I mean she’s paying for the dress, let her pick out something suitable.

That’s not very nice, Mitch. Daphne could kick your butt and outrun you to boot. She’s had a rough couple years and is just getting back on her feet. It’s like your relationship with Dennis and the Captain. You have to give something to get something sometimes. Dennis has kept your rear-end out of jail on more than one occasion I’m sure, so you help him out by keeping him in the loop on your investigation. Daphne does little things for her friends like wearing an ugly dress or six, knowing that her friends will be there for her when she needs them. Peggy definitely steps up-or steps on the gas-when Daphne needs her.

Well, err, thanks for coming Joselyn. I will certainly keep my distance from Daphne. She sounds like a....lovely person. If you are into romance, check out Courting Sparks at Joselyn's website:


  1. Thanks for hosting me, Mitch! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Joselyn: Loved that Mitch couldn't shake you up but then you've had lots of practice with Mitch. Good luck with Courting Sparks!