Monday, January 10, 2011

Announcing Mitch Malone Mondays

Mitch Malone here. I’m a crime-beat reporter for the Grand River Journal but W.S. has been whining a lot about not having enough time to write the next of my adventures called A Case of Hometown Blues due out this summer. So, being the gracious guy I am, I’ll be taking over the blogging duties on Mondays interviewing authors about their books. The first one will be next week and feature Joselyn Vaughn and her book Courting Sparks.

W.S. gave me a hard assignment on this one. Ms. Vaughn writes romance. Yuck! However, I’m a consummate professional so it will be a great interview and you will learn all about the book which W.S. assures me is terrific. How she had time to read it when she should be working on my next adventure, I’ll never know. I think she needs some time management or just maybe a single vision focus to her job like mine. I won’t stop at anything to get the story. Speaking of stories, my latest adventure—A Case of Accidental Intersection—just came out in Kindle. Now there is no reason not to read it. Get it in e-book form. For those with the Nook and other readers, it is available in those formats too. Personally, I would prefer you go to your favorite bookstore and pick up a copy. Those bookstores are a dying breed, kind of like crime-beat reporters. So, next Monday. Be here to read about romance from Mitch Malone. (This is going to be one tough assignment. Don’t miss it.)

Oh, yeah. If you have a book and would like to be interviewed by yours truly, just drop W.S. a note at A good mystery author is something I could sink my teeth into. I’m letting W.S. do the scheduling. I’m the star reporter, not the secretary, but if it all the books are romance, W.S. and I will have words.

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