Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finding the Joy in Reading

I’m sticking to my new year’s resolutions so far. This blog posting keeps me on target. In addition to posting to the blog on a regular basis, another resolution for 2010 is reading. I love to read but last year that was something that was shuffled to the wayside. My schedule was such that either I had time to write or I had time to read, not both. I’m trying to change that this year.

Part of the reason was since I started writing, the sheer enjoyment went out of reading. Every book I analyzed for plot, characterization and other writing faux pas to see how the author made it work or not work, so I wouldn’t do the same thing. When you are doing that, it takes all the fun out of getting into a good book. You get to a part that you shouldn’t be able to put down and instead of increasing your reading pace to see how it finishes, you are looking back to see how they set up the finale so successfully. That is just wrong.

I got back on the reading track over the Christmas holiday because I had more time and am a fan of the three day work week! The first book I told myself I wasn’t going to analyze it. I did, but I also was able to enjoy it. Another book that I had been reading for the last year, I finished. That one also had a hand in turning off my reading because I just couldn’t get into it. It had been one of my favorite authors. I did analyze why that one turned me off. It was because so many o the characters’ names started with the same letter and similar sounds. I couldn’t keep people straight. I will work to not let that happen in my Mitch Malone series.

Another place I have to give credit to for reading more is the DorothyL litserv. That is filled with people who just enjoy reading and writing mysteries. Their love of books really started that ache in my heart for what I was missing. I couldn’t wait to start a couple books from their recommendations. My plan is to put up a couple of reviews of books I read over the holiday. So check back every so often and take a look. Reading is a good thing!


  1. Good for you, starting a blog! I like what I read so far. As for me, I never met a resolution I couldn't break,usually before the day is over.


  2. Three day work weeks seem just about right to me, too! Welcome to the blogosphere and best of luck with everything...

  3. Looks like you're off to a good start! I followed your link from DorothyL. Your three-day workweek sounds like a good idea. Good luck in finding plenty of time to enjoy lots of good reading!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I am trying to keep the resolutions but things seem to be popping up. Thanks for checking out my blog. New post up today!