Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursdays in 2013 Feature Michigan Gems

Today is the last Thursday of 2012. I’ve been thinking about doing something on my blog that doesn’t necessarily have to do with writing books but talks about what is important to me.  I’ve decided that on each Thursday of 2013, I will put something on my blog about Michigan.

I write my Mitch Malone Mystery Series about crime beat reporter Mitch Malone who lives in Grand River, Michigan, which is laid out very similarly to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve lived and visited in other places, but Michigan is always home. It has so much to offer.

Michigan is also going through a rebirth if you will. It was hit hard by the recession because the state has always relied heavily on the auto industry to provide great jobs for their workers. Many of those jobs and companies are gone. We are coming back but not fast enough. 

When people think of Michigan, they think of Detroit which is a life force for the state but is having its own struggles. I just spent the last 24 hours in Detroit and it has so much to offer which I will talk about in later posts. 

However, Michigan is much more than Detroit. It is white sand beaches. It is national forests. It is eagles’ majestic flights. It’s cool cities and fun times.  Stay tuned and see what we have to offer!


  1. Wendy, I look forward to reading about your favorite Michigan places. I too love Michigan so much I want to share it with everyone, so I built a squidoo lens for West Michigan. Check it out at

  2. Janet: Thanks for stopping by! I went to your squidoo. Do you do the content or is supplied by someone else? Not sure I understand the concept. So much on the web!