Sunday, November 25, 2012

Murder We Write Kick Off

Welcome to the Murder We Write Blog Tour. Today is the first day of the 15-day tour and I have a bye if you will here on my blog. One author had to drop for personal reasons and I hope all is improving in her world.  My prayers are will you!  For the next 14 days, I will turn the blogging duties over to my main character, Mitch Malone. He is an expert interrogator from his experience as crime beat reporter for the Grand River Journal.

Mitch will interview characters from some terrific author’s books that would make perfect Christmas gifts for those readers who love mysteries. I’ve read many of these author’s books and enjoyed them. And better yet, you will have a chance to win free copies by commenting on the blogs. The total number of books hasn’t been added up yet, but last year’s Mystery We Write Blog Tour gave away more than 50 books with less authors participating. Each author has their own rules but mostly to enter, just comment on any participating blog.  I’m giving away three books. The winner can pick from A CASE OF INFATUATION, A CASE OF ACCIDENTAL INTERSECTION or A CASE OF HOMETOWN BLUES.

I hope you enjoy Mitch Malone’s savvy interview style and pick up one of the books in the series and check it out. They are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I also would be happy to send you signed copy. Email me at and I will send you details. For more information on each book, check out my new and improved website:

As a side note, follow my guest blogs and you may read about the next in the Mitch Malone series: A CASE OF VOLATILE DEEDS that will be out in February. Here is my schedule:

Today:  Patricia Gligor
Tuesday:  M. M. Gornell
      Wednesday: MadisonJohns
Thursday: Collin Kelley
Friday:   Jean Lauzier 
Saturday:  Joyce Lavene
            Sunday:  Jean HenryMead 
Dec. 3: MarilynMeredith
Dec. 4:  Rionna Morgan
Dec. 5:  Larissa Hoffman 
Dec. 6:  Earl Staggs
Dec. 7:  Anne K Albert 
            Dec. 8:  SR Claridge 
Dec. 9:  Evelyn Cullet 
Dec. 11:  Winners announced on my blog.

Up tomorrow is Evelyn Cullet's character Charlotte Ross, the main character in MASTERPIECE OF MURDER. You don't want to miss Mitch's first interview! Comment early and often for a chance to win!


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    1. Thanks Joyce. I had an easy day today.

  2. Okay, Wendy, now I see what you did. Couldn't figure out why you didn't have the one up I expected. Duh, I'm a bit slow.

    1. Marilyn you have walked circles around me every single day with the volume you accomplish. Slow is never a word I would associate with you!

  3. Looking forward to being on tour with you, Wendy! Love it...


    1. Me too. Can't wait to guest tomorrow with you! Always a good time!

  4. Am I missing Patricia's interview?

  5. It is on Pat's blog today.
    Check it out, but thanks for stopping by here. Evelyn is up tomorrow.