Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Tess Grant's TRAJECTORIES

Tess Grant has shot a silver bullet to success with TRAJECTORIES, the first in the Kitty Irish Trilogy. This young adult werewolf mystery will appeal to older readers much like Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series crossed the ages however the werewolves don’t sparkle but smell and prey on individuals enjoying the national forest.

Kitty Irish’s last summer of high school isn’t the deal of her dreams. Her dad’s deployed overseas, her mom’s working full time and then some and she is in charge of her baby brother’s care. Add to that an up-and-down relationship with her best friend. When the town drunk befriends her over a bloody animal kill in the woods near her home, her life drops deeper into the “this sucks summer.”

The debut novel grabs you with the heroine’s angst about life and then the real world she gets dropped into when too many “closed-casket deaths” plague Oakmont, Michigan. Grant is a master at cliffhangers that turned a spring break read to savor into an all-night read. I can’t wait for the second in the series, “GATHERING SPEED.”


  1. This book is awesome. Definitely the next YA sensation.