Thursday, November 24, 2011

Murder We Write Blog Tour Starts Tomorrow

Mitch Malone here. W.S. Gager has me working double and triple time for the next two weeks for the Mysteries We Write Blog Tour. I have to be honest here. I bitched and moaned for more than an hour when W.S. proposed the idea. I’m an amazing newspaper reporter but she wants a stellar interview every day for two weeks. Even us superhero reporters can’t write Pulitzer Prize stories every day. They take work. You can’t just ask any old questions. You need research, good questions and something to catch them off guard to get an honest response.

I’ve been doing my research and I hate to admit that W.S. may have been right. These folks are top of the line writers with terrific books. With so many at one time I haven’t been able to read all their books yet but the ones I have, I have really enjoyed. These are great writers who know the business. However, I’m not interviewing the authors. I’m better than that. I’m interviewing a main character in their latest book. Some of them really air some big secrets…

Stop by every day for the next two weeks and see for yourself. I deftly get them to tell me things; things you want to know. If you need more incentive to stop by, W.S. is making it worth your time, if you are feeling lucky. Leave a comment and let me or my interviewee know you stopped or ask a question and see if you can rival my questions. W.S. is kicking in a few books on my latest big story called A CASE OF HOMETOWN BLUES to a random commenter.

Here’s the Murder We Write Blog Tour schedule:
Nov. 25 – Alice Duncan
Nov. 26 – John M. Daniel
Nov. 27 – Pat Browning
Nov. 28 – Ron Benrey
Nov. 29 – Beth Anderson
Nov. 30 – Anne K. Albert
Dec. 1 – Earl Staggs
Dec. 2 – Jinx Schwartz
Dec. 3 – Mike Orenduff
Dec. 4 – Marilyn Meredith
Dec. 5 – Jean Henry Mead
Dec. 6 – Jackie King
Dec. 7 – Timothy Hallinan
Dec. 8 – M.M. Gornell
Dec. 9 – Winners announced and maybe W.S. will actually post something to the blog. Miracles do happen! (Take that, W.S. I told you my services did not come cheap!)

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Wendy. I'm looking forward to hosting you on my blog site November 28 and appearing here on December 5. It's going to be a great virtual book tour.